Ep. 019 What's Up Doc?

Carla and I discuss health concerns for women of color. We talk about how black women are at a higher risk of receiving less that optimal care in the hospital and the dangers of pregnancy for women of color. Hopefully, we can provide some insight on this and make sure black women are seen as a priority within the health care industry. #ep019 #ttrpodcast #WhatsUpDoc

Ep. 018 The Church and Social Justice

In this episode we discuss some hard truths about the church and social justice. Darren, Josh, and Franklin join the podcast to answer the question: Is the Church doing enough in the realm of social justice? #ep018 #ttrpodcast #TheChurchandSocialJustice

Ep. 015 That's Enough Mr. West, Please, No More Today

Josh and I speak on various topic that happened in the Trump administration and in pop culture. First, we discuss how Trump is more focused on Syria than Flint, MI. The rest of the time we focus on the Starbucks case in Philly and how Kanye has now become problematic. Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? #ep015 #ttrpodcast #KanyeWest #StarbucksPhilly

Ep. 014 Black Panther

Josh and I sit down to discuss Black Panther and how important representation is. We also discuss some of the themes that stood out to us in the movie. #BlackPanther #ttrpodcast #ep014

Ep. 011 Holiday Debates

The holidays are in full swing and with that we know political and racial debates are coming at the dinner table. In this episode we discuss strategies on how to have a productive conversation without getting into an all out shouting match. We also tackle the NFL and The Player's Coalitions settlement. Tune in now! #ep011 #ttrpodcast #HolidayDebates

Ep. 010 Colorism Talk w/ The Positive Philter

The creator and host of The Positive Philter, Phil Wilkerson joins the podcast in our 10th episode. We discuss colorism and representation, as well as how positive thinking can affect how to implement social change. I am so thankful for Phil and his podcast and overall message. Please support his podcast and follow him on social media. The Positive Philter Podcast Facebook

Ep. 009 The Sikh Coalition

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Simran Singh, who is the Senior Religious Fellow of The Sikh Coalition. We discussed what Sikhism is and how Sikhs are stereotyped in the mainstream. We also talked about religious illiteracy and how important it is to understand other faiths. My hope was to educate people and show people that different practitioners of faith can have open and honest conversations about race and religion. #ep009 #TheSikhCoalition #TransparencyReport #tt

Ep. 008 Charlottesville

Josh and I recorded this episode the Monday following the tragic events in Charlottesville, NC. Needless to say, we were frustrated, heartbroken, emotional, and gave our real reactions of what transpired. We also see this a milestone in American history and as a wake up call for activists, specifically white activists and church leaders to rise to the occasion and lead. We will not forget what happened. It's our duty to do better. #ep008 #TransparencyReport #ttrpodcast #Charl

Ep. 007 Castile v. Diamond

In our most recent episode, Professor Erika Wilson joins me to discuss the Philandro Castile verdict and how the law seems to have difference toward law enforcement when it comes to cases dealing with African American males. We also discuss the dichotomy between the Castile case vs the recent case with Justine Diamond. Lastly, we talk about what one can do when they are victim of a hate crime. #ep007 #TransparencyReport #ttrpodcast #CastilevDiamond

Ep. 006 Self-Policing White Folk

There have been a lot of racist videos circulating around social media, the majority of which have been in very public places with multiple witnesses, however I haven't seen one where a white person that is encountering this racist even intervene and stand up against racists. Why does it appear that the white community cannot self police their own? We all can certainly march in masses to show our disgust, but why not on a more intimate level where you aren't just lost in the